Florida Services and More Accounting Services

Mayerling Paez

Taxes/Accounting Manager

I am Venezuelan. I graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration, majoring in information technology, from the Simon Rodriguez University, IUTIRLA Agreement of the year 2001, in Caracas, Venezuela.

In the year 2006, I opened my own business under the name of Florida Services and Consulting, Inc., where using my knowledge in administration, I dedicated myself to help individuals repair their credits which, as we know, everyone must maintain a good credit history to have their credit applications approved and enjoy a better life style. At the same time as I provided that service, I dedicated myself to study accounting and began providing bookkeeping services. Likewise, I offered paralegal services provided through Clara Castillo.

By the year 2008, with improved professional skills, I extended my services to the preparation of tax forms, general accounting (monthly, quarterly and/or annual), financial statements, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, bank reconciliations, fiscal-year closings and electronic transmissions, payroll and sales taxes, and employees’ payroll). Likewise, to preparation of personal federal income taxes, and the handling of all of my clients’ personal and corporate finances while, at the same time, continuing to work on improving credit repair strategies, to have better results everyday for my clients.

By the year 2011, based on the needs of the Hispanic population, we decided to become partners and created with Clara Castillo, the Florida Services & More, LLC, to offer additional services at the same office. Now, as President, I am offering the same effectiveness in the accounting area, payroll, personal and corporate taxes, credit repair, loan/mortgage modifications, and all of which my clients may need regarding paralegal services.

To all of my clients whom, until present date, have trusted me: Thanks!..