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Clara Castillo

Venezuelan Attorney At Law/Foreign Attorney

I graduated as an attorney from Santa Maria University in 1996 in the City of Caracas, Venezuela. I received my post graduate degree in criminal law, at the same university, in the year 2000 and dedicated all of my career to criminal law. I worked for the Criminal Court of the Palace of Justice and the Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services (D.I.S.I.P) in the City of Caracas, Venezuela.

In the year 2002, I arrived to the City of Miami, Florida, as any other immigrant and, as the majority of us who arrive to this country, I was advised by notaries and unscrupulous people in legal matters. It is for that reason that I began my studies regarding all of the immigration laws of the United States of America.

I arrived to the City of Orlando in the year 2003 and during that year, and with the minimum studies I obtained, I began working at the Law Firm of Attorney Hernán Cortés Rodríguez to whom I owe my first employment and learning opportunity. By the year 2004, I was hired at the Law Firm of Attorney Alejandro López, where I obtained, and am obtaining, the majority of my experience in the areas of family and immigration law, among others.

Since the year 2006, I have been working as a Paralegal, carrying my own cases, related to immigration and family formalities in Florida Services and Consulting, Inc., under the auspices of Mayerling Paez, where I had the opportunity to help many private individuals, and received the satisfaction to see them successfully complete their family and immigration processes. Combining my studies of Family Law, Immigration, Bankruptcy and Civil Law of the State of Florida, has led me to a proud development of my functions as a paralegal.

And in the year 2011, I became a partner with Mayerling Paez and we created Florida Services & More, LLC, and now, as Vice-president, I still offer the same efficiency, dedication and commitment to all of our clients whom, until today, I have helped them and who have deposited in me their trust to handle their cases, their persons, their relatives, and friends. Thank you and sucess!