Bankruptcy Law is also a federal law which, although similar to Immigration Law, is different but no less complicated and tedious. However, here we see that it not only carries federal consequences (fines, imprisonment) to people who abuse the system and the law, but we can also see how poor advise and/or inappropriate help could bring the loss of your rights as a debtor.

The forms and/or the documents to be presented before the Trustee must be very accurate, truthful, adequate, so that the result of your petition before Bankruptcy Court be successful. Otherwise, you could suffer the dismissal of your case, your debts will not be liquidated and, even worse, you would not be able to file a new petition until a time limit established by the Court to file a new case elapses and, in the meantime, the creditors will continue to pursue you.

The recommendation of this office, in this legal area, is that you receive legal advise from an attorney licensed in Florida before you make a decision in your personal and particular case. Once you have decided, you can come to our office to receive appropriate assistance and help to complete the legal documents that you need at minimum costs and very high reliability. You can rest assured you will be taken care by a person with experience and skills in bankruptcy law.

It will be a pleasure for us, to serve you at these difficult times. Thank you very much!