The Immigration Act is a federal law that applies to all of the States of the country and which is very complicated and complex. Any failure when preparing the petitions and/or applications can bring tragic and regrettable consequences for the applicants and their families.

We understand that you may decide to process your petitions and/or applications on your own in these hard economic times, but our recommendation is to allow us to help you to file your process before the so demanding Immigration Services of the United States.

Our recommendation of this office, in this legal area, is that you receive legal advise from an attorney licensed in Florida before you make a decision in your personal and particular case. Once you have decided, you can come to our office to receive appropriate assistance and help to complete the legal documents that you need at minimum costs and very high reliability. You can rest assured you will be taken care by a person with experience and skills in immigration law.

Our office has enough experience to process all immigration forms required to be filed before such office (U.S.C.I.S.) and before the United States embassies abroad.

We process all of the forms in different classifications such as they describe: Permanent Resident Card based forms, Citizenship and Naturalization based forms, Family-based forms, Employment-based forms, Humanitarian Benefits based forms, and Adoptions- based forms, among others. Likewise, we would like to point out that we process motions to re-open and/or motion to reconsider in your cases, etc.

It will be a pleasure for us to serve you in these difficult times. Thank you very much.