In Florida Services and More, LLC., we are more than an accounting company or a tax return preparing company. We will help you achieve your financial goals and will explain to you how to lower costs without sacrificing value or service to your clients. The goal of all businesses is growth, which sometimes means asking for a loan. And, as we all know, the numbers reveal histories. Banks are interested to hear quantifiable success stories before they extend credit. Florida Services and More, LLC., simplifies the collection of the required documentation and, in this way, will take care of it and prepare your financial history. Over the years we have specialized in professional accounting and payroll services for commercial establishments.

Florida Services and More, LLC., understands payroll and we know that changes occur in the real world and, when those last minute changes take place, we will be there to help you. We are flexible and will always answer on time and in an appropriate manner. Our rates are adequate and adapt themselves to every budget. We have a list of prices with basis on each specific case and for each of our clients’ needs, who can request one or all of the services which their enterprises require.

Accounting Services:
Monthly accounting, quarterly or annual. (Bookkeeping) We record all financial transactions of your company, showing balances of profit and loss, where to invest your money and advise the best use of your investments. We make sure that your company’s finances are in order and that each transaction is recorded in your financial journal.

Business incorporations.
Incorporate your business will open many doors in the United States because, in this country, “Incorporate a Business” means “Setting up a Corporation” or file for a corporate entity which is, of itself, an important decision in the life of any project. It involves evolution, but it also entails responsibilities and tax obligations. In Florida Services and More, LLC., we help you in this opening and, in such way, to provide your project the proper financial independence. Finally, it involves transcendence. Beyond the costs that this process involves, if you make a decision, do it on a solid foundation.

  • Request of EIN (Employer Identification Number).
  • Registration and declaration of all of the State of Florida’s business forms (Application to Collect and/or Report Tax in Florida), Licenses and occupational permits.
  • Payroll preparation and sales tax payments.
  • Financial Statements/ Balances / Profit and Loss Statements.
  • Banks reconciliation.
  • Preparation of closing taxes for the fiscal year and electronic transmission.
  • Payroll.
Personal Services:

Preparation of Personal Taxes, including all of the States of this country.
To prepare your personal taxes is a process that can be complex if you do not know this service. In Florida Services and More, LLC. we can help you with tax problems with the I.R.S., accounting, taxes, statements, requests of ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) and any problems with your taxes.

Personal Tax Return for no-residents.

Calculations of estimated Personal Income Taxes according to your personal gain.

Credit Repair, (Removal of negative items on your credit report)
With many years of experience in the area of credit repair, our job is based on the Consumer Credit Rights under State and Federal. Under this law, we help you to correct errors in your credit reports in a legal and effective manner. Our years of experience have helped us refine our processes to include increasingly effective strategies, therefore facilitating your credit’s repair. We help our clients to repair their credit reports, therefore increasing their scores quickly, efficiently and without the headaches which this involves.

Mortgage Loan Modifications.

We are professionally trained to negotiate your mortgage loan and, in that way, be able to change your mortgage’s terms. Our goal is to lower your monthly mortgage payments so that they are in accord with your current economic situation and, therefore, lowering the risk of losing your mortgage to foreclosure. Typically, loan modifications programs are designed to help homeowners whose ability to make their mortgage payments has currently declined, be it due to job loss, rising interest rates, decrease in the value of homes or other similar circumstances.

We can help you, and we will do very willingly.